Working with you

We are all different.  Thankfully.

Some people love numbers.  Some people are thrilled by designs.  Others are only happy if they are getting their hands dirty.

Me – I love people.

All the frustrating, weird and wonderful facets that makes every individual unique.

I have made it my life’s work to study human and organisational behaviour.

I’m here to help you get on with what you love doing, whilst helping you take care of the people in your business.

Putting human relationships back into Organisations

Creating a MAGIC workplace

Creating a MAGIC workplace is a business and culture transformation program.

I heard a quote recently: “Business leaders want to grow the business, employees want to grow themselves.”

What if both could be true?

If you could work on growing and developing your employees, creating the right environment for them to perform and flourish, and in turn could see your business grow?

Creating a workplace where employees are engaged and bring their hearts and minds is the key to a successful and sustainable organisation.

Why is employee engagement important?

Creating an engaged workforce isn’t just a nice-to-have.  It will impact on your bottom line and improve your competitiveness:

  • Engaged employees provide better services to your customers, which maintains and grows your customer base
  • Engaged employees bring their creativity and ideas, and work with other team members to continually improve the organisation
  • Engaged employees grow with the organisation and create your talent pool for the future
  • You reduce the cost of recruitment, absenteeism, wastage and conflict


MAGIC is the phrase coined by Tracy Maylett and Paul Warner and stands for

  • Meaning
  • Autonomy
  • Growth
  • Impact
  • Connection

Each of these five pillars are important to all of us, to help us feel engaged with a job and our organisation.

Let’s start with an example. Imagine you turn up to a new job and are told your job is to move a huge pile of bricks from one field to another.  Once you have moved all the bricks, you pick them up and move them somewhere else.

Not very motivating or engaging is it?

But imagine for a moment that you were shown a picture of a fantastic building, that you are helping to create.  It will be a centrepiece for the local community as well as winning numerous design awards.  Now is your job starting to feel a bit more relevant?

And imagine that you are working with a great bunch of people that seem to share the same values as you,  and go out of their way to make you feel welcome and share their know-how and experience.

Imagine also that you get regular feedback on how your part of the building is progressing, and members of the community personally thank you for making a difference to their lives.

And as you have been there for a while, you get opportunities to learn new skills and work on different aspects of construction.

Now is it starting to feel a bit more motivating?

That’s what I mean by creating a MAGIC workplace.

Step by Step Approach

If you are up for the challenge, my job is to guide you through the process to creating a MAGIC workplace.

Step 1 Where are you now?  Assessing how engaged your employees are currently and your priorities for action.
Step 2 Where do you want to be?  Developing your strategy and action plan to future-proof your organisation
Step 3 Design and implement actions.  This may include developing leadership skills, team development, and improving your workplace practices
Step 4 Accountability and review

Are you ready to create a MAGIC workplace where employees bring their hearts and minds to the job, everyday?

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A holistic approach

I help you work on all aspects of your people management, so you create the ideal environment for your employees to perform and flourish.

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