Running a Workshop to Prevent Bullying in Your Workplace

Running a Workshop to Prevent Bullying in Your Workplace

Bullying is not just an issue amongst children and teens. Adults, too, are capable of bullying or being bullied, and Fair Work have recognised that it is happening daily in workplaces across Australia. You are aware of the legislation that came into effect in January, you may even have adopted an anti-bullying policy and made your staff aware with an e-mail. But is this enough?

Unfortunately, it is not. Many people have pre-conceived ideas of what it means to be bullied – some may even picture being shoved into a locker or having lunch money stolen. Bullying in the workplace (usually) is much different, so pre-conceived ideas of bullying need to be swept away. Even business owners may be in for a few surprises – for example, did you know that the majority of bullying claims to Fair Work during the first quarter of this year were in regard to the behaviour of a manager?

Our team member Carrie has created an anti-bullying workshop to assist small businesses. These workshops are aimed for both staff and managers to be educated on bullying, its behaviours, consequences, impacts on business, and solutions.

Would you rather spend a small amount of time and money now to educate the workers in your business, or are you going to risk spending lots of time and money later on in a bullying investigation? I know what I would choose.

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